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200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine

200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine

As a leading manufacturer, Somtrue is committed to producing high quality 200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machines. We have advanced technology and a professional manufacturing team focused on providing reliable and efficient solutions to our customers. Our 200 LIBC visual fully automatic filling machine has excellent performance and stable operation, widely used in various industries, deeply trusted and praised by customers. We believe that through close cooperation with customers, we can jointly promote the development and progress of the industry.

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Product Description

200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine

(The appearance of the equipment will vary according to the customized function or technical upgrade, subject to the physical object.)

As a manufacturer, Somtrue  pays attention to 200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine quality and innovation. We are constantly making research and development and technological improvements to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our 200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine uses an advanced vision system to achieve high precision filling operations, with automatic detection and calibration functions to ensure accuracy and consistency in each filling. Our manufacturing processes are subject to strict quality control to ensure that every piece of equipment meets the highest standards. Let us pursue excellence together, create greater value for customers, and create a better future together!


200L IBC Visual Fully Automatic Filling Machine overview:

Bucket opening positioning, open irrigation and rotation, nitrogen filling system

The filling machine is composed of automatic ash cleaning system (air curtain door, air shower), automatic search and positioning, automatic cover opening, automatic filling, automatic nitrogen filling, automatic sealing, automatic waterproof cover and tight cover. Automatic barrier doors are provided in the front and back of the filling room, and the air curtain is set before and after entering the bucket.

The filling system is located in the filling room, and the external owner VOC exhaust pipe is connected to make it in a micro-negative pressure state to avoid the exhaust gas escape. The filling machine is equipped with an independent structure of the material filling gun head system, according to the instruction to start any set of filling gun filling, thus realizing the function of fully automatic independent filling. For each set of filling gun and the installation coordinate moving device of the opening and rotating cover head, the German Basler vision system is adopted for positioning. The control system makes the specified filling gun accurately reach the barrel mouth position according to the position parameters of the barrel mouth, and automatically completes the opening, filling, nitrogen filling and rotating cover. The feed hose is set horizontally and hung by the balancer to reduce the winding in motion and improve the life of the hose. Different materials all use their own independent filling systems to prevent cross-contamination. And the filling gun head, connecting hose and liquid plate are quickly installed, easy to facilitate disassembly in the future maintenance.

Real-time monitoring of filling process, anti-overflow interlocking function, and liquid tray to clean overflow materials

The filling machine is equipped with a leakage design to ensure that the material will not drop outside the bucket during the filling process.

Open cover and spin cover part: using the company's patented technology, can ensure the vertical spin cover head and the barrel surface, and can be smooth, easy to open cover and spin cover, no damage cover, do not hurt the cover, tight cover sealing degree is high.

The waterproof cover is manually placed in the cover device, automatic sequential supply. The waterproof cover pressing device absorbs the waterproof cover automatically positioned at the bucket mouth to press the cover.

Automatic weight inspection system: the conveyor is installed on the weighing scale table, stainless steel structure, with toldo weighing sensor.

Ash cleaning system:the system equipment is installed in the stainless steel airtight room, the exhaust system makes it in a micro-negative pressure state, to avoid the exhaust gas escape. Using high pressure wind curtain dust mode, the high pressure duct of S304 is embedded in the stainless steel suction hood, and the purged dust is sucked away at the same time.(With more than 3000 air volume with ash bucket dust collector).


Main technical parameters:


Filled containers:  200L (4 barrels) / pallet, IBC barrel
Overflow pipe valve element:  S304 stainless steel, PTFE washer and sealing ring;
IBC barrel:  6-10 barrels / h
Filling mode: filling on the liquid level
Weighing range:  0-1,500 kg
Filling accuracy:  ± 400g
 Container exterior dimensions:  1200x1200x150 (customized from customer sample)
Scale value:  50g;
Ambient temperature:  (-10~40)℃;
Relative humidity:  <95% (no condensation);
Feed interface:  HG / T 20615-2009, with matching flange and mounting bolts (double bolts) (material pressure: 0.3~0.5MPa)
Instrument air interface:  User to provide G1 / 2 " internal threaded manual ball valve for quick joint connection.
Gas consumption:  18 m 3 / h (at 0.5MPa pressure)
Bucket port exhaust hood interface:  DN200, PVC hose is connected to the user exhaust system pipeline.
Power supply:  AC380V / 50Hz, three-phase and five-wire system.
Foundation static load of filling equipment:  greater than 4000kg /㎡


Filling machine function:


● Automatic search- - - -visual positioning, coordinate moving system barrel search gun, filling gun down filling.

 Multi-material filling- - - -all kinds of materials independently filling, automatic conversion, without cleaning.

 Fast and slow double-speed automatic quantitative filling- - - -to ensure the filling accuracy and production capacity;

 Can realize the liquid level, under the liquid level, the barrel mouth filling- - - -wide adaptability to the material;

 The pneumatic base valve is always wide open, slowly add the front end flow limit- - - -slow down the flow rate of the filling gun outlet;

 The design of liquid cup- - - -to minimize the leakage of residual liquid after perfusion;

 Automatic and manual mode of quantitative filling can be selected- - - -convenient operation and maintenance;

 Automatic peeling function- - - -overcomes the influence of inconsistent weight factors of filling container on accuracy;

 The fixed value point can be adjusted- - - -to adapt to the quantitative filling of multiple weight range;

 Automatic diagnosis, fault alarm- - - -to improve the reliability of the system work;

 Safety interlock- - - -bucket in place, spray gun down; filling gun top bucket back;

 Self-locking control- - - -before perfusion, detect the spray gun in place before filling;

 Product setting storage- - - -can store up to a variety of different product weight fixed value and related perfusion parameters;

 Permission detection- - - -automatic detection of full filling error;

 Touch screen- - - -Chinese operation interface, prompt intuitive, easy to set.

 Alarm prompt- - - -is accurate to the fault point.

Data upload and instruction receiving: filling data can be provided to DCS and shutdown instruction of the upper computer can be executed.

Somtrue takes customer satisfaction as the primary goal, and establishes long-term stable cooperative relations with customers. We provide comprehensive pre-sales consultation and after-sales service support to ensure that customers can fully understand the performance and characteristics of our 200 LIBC visual fully automatic filling machine. Our professional team will provide customers with a series of services such as equipment installation and commissioning, training and maintenance to ensure the normal operation and efficient production of equipment.


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