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1-20L Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 1-20L Fully Automatic Filling Machine1-20L Fully Automatic Filling Machine

1-20L Fully Automatic Filling Machine

Somtrue is A well-known manufacturer, committed to the production of high quality 1-20L fully automatic filling machine , and to provide customers with comprehensive solutions. As a manufacturer, Somtrue pays attention to technological innovation and quality management, and constantly optimizes the production process to ensure stable and reliable product performance. 1-20L fully automatic filling machine enjoys a high reputation in the industry with its exquisite technology and excellent performance. Somtrue has an experienced and skilled team, which can customize solutions according to customer needs and provide customers with the best filling equipment and services.

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Product Description

1-20L Fully Automatic Filling Machine

(The appearance of the equipment will vary according to the customized function or technical upgrade, subject to the physical object)

As a professional 1-20L Fully Automatic Filling Machine manufacturer, Somtrue has won the trust of customers with its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. Adhering to the purpose of "quality first, customer first", the company is committed to providing customers with high-performance and efficient 1-20L fully automatic filling machine. Somtrue will continue to improve product quality, meet the growing needs of customers, help customers improve production efficiency, and achieve win-win development. As a manufacturer, Somtrue will continue to uphold the principle of honesty and trustworthiness and excellence, provide customers with more reliable and advanced filling solutions, and become a trusted partner of customers.

1-20L Fully Automatic Filling Machine overview:

The filling part of this machine realizes fast filling and slow filling through double section cylinder. At the initial filling, after the double cylinder is converted to stroke 1, it is quickly converted to stroke 2 for fast filling. After the fast filling, the diving cylinder rises to the barrel port position, and the double cylinder is converted to stroke 1 and continues to slow filling until the set overall filling volume.

This machine is suitable for fluid weight filling of 1kg-20kg, and automatically completes a series of operations such as counting into bottle, weight filling and conveying barrel. Especially suitable for the quantitative filling of lubricating oil, aqueous agent, paint, is the ideal packaging machine in petrochemical, paint, medicine, cosmetics and fine chemical industries.

1、This machine uses programmable controller (PLC), touch screen for operation control, convenient use and adjustment.

2、There is a weighing and feedback system under each filling head, which can set up and single and slightly adjust the filling amount of each head.

3、Sensors, proximity switches and other uses are advanced sensing components, do no barrel filling, blocking the main opportunity to automatically stop and alarm.

4、The filling method is submersible liquid filling, servo motor control to prevent splashing caused by filling impact, and anti-leakage device to prevent material dropping, which can meet the filling of materials with different characteristics.

5、The whole machine is made according to the requirements of GMP standard, each pipeline connection is made by quick loading, convenient and quick disassembly and cleaning. The contact parts with the material (such as material barrel and feeding nozzle) are made of 304 stainless steel material, and the exposed part and the external support structure are made of carbon steel spray material. In the use of the equipment except for the equipment veneer thickness is not less than 2mm, the whole machine is safe, environmental protection, health, beautiful, can adapt to a variety of different environments.

6、The setting and operation of oil filling parameters should be operated by touch screen, simple and intuitive, and have the function of fault diagnosis, alarm and prompt. The touch screen should have an internal battery, a memory storage program, store multiple sets of parameters, and view historical data. And can be named for different programs, change different specifications or change the production capacity, only need to adjust different parameters, can improve the work efficiency.

7、The filling head has coarse and fine filling functions to ensure the filling speed and accuracy. The filling head is equipped with a feeding device, which can connect the floating material after the filling head is closed, so that the filling head material does not drop on the bucket, the filling head does not drop material, and keep the filling station clean and tidy. The whole filling head gun should be automatically moved up and down and fixed horizontally. During the filling, the spray gun is put into the bucket to prevent the material from splashing out, and achieve zero drop leakage in the filling.

8、The equipment has manual and automatic point operation conversion device, which can realize independent metering filling; the equipment has manual and automatic speed control function. No oil spill phenomenon during the transmission start.

Main technical parameters:

Number of filled heads:  2 heads
Production capacity:  180-220 barrel / h (20L; determined on customer material viscosity and approach)
Applicable barrel type:  20L wide barrel (special barrel customization)
Material contact material:  304 stainless stee
Main material:  carbon steel spray plastic
Filling form:  fill under the liquid level in the barrel mouth
Filling gun size: DN50
Measurement error:  20L ± 20 mL  
Power supply power:  AC380V/50Hz;3.0kW
Air source pressure:  0.6MPa

Somtrue looks forward to developing good cooperative relations with customers around the world, we will be happy to provide you with quality products and professional services, and work with you to create a better future! If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us and look forward to working with you!

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