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200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine
  • 200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine

200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine

Somtrue is a trusted supplier, focusing on providing high quality 200L fully automatic filling machines. As a manufacturer with advanced technology and technical strength, Jiangsu Shangchun is customer-oriented and committed to providing customized solutions for enterprises in various industries. Our 200L fully automatic filling machines enjoy a high reputation in the market for their excellent performance and reliable quality. We always put quality first and ensure that every 200L fully automatic filling machine meets the highest standards. At the same time, we provide a full range of pre-sales consulting and after-sales services to ensure that customers in the purchase, use and maintenance process to get timely support.

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Product Description

200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine

(The appearance of the equipment will vary according to the customized function or technical upgrade, subject to the physical object.)

As a  supplier, Somtrue serves customers with the concept of honesty and trustworthiness and excellence. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with our customers, thanks to our continuous optimization of production processes and strict quality management system. We will continue to strive to improve product quality and technical level, continue to meet the growing needs of customers, to provide customers with more high-quality 200L fully automatic filling machines and perfect after-sales support. We look forward to working with you to create a better future together.

200L Fully Automatic Filling Machine Overview:

Highlight: double station, automatic positioning open cover-automatic filling-automatic tightening thread cover, leak detection.

Each station of the machine is equipped with two sets of gun heads, different materials correspond to different filling guns, when the gun head can be automatically switched for filling.

The intelligent packaging system specially designed for 50-300kg liquid barrel packaging is equipped with Windows, automatic lifting and moving door for easy closing; the whole line automatically enters the barrel, opening and closing, automatically identifies the bucket opening, automatically aiming at the barrel opening, automatic opening, automatic filling, automatic screw thread cover and measuring leakage, and automatic coming out of the barrel. The electrical control part of this machine is composed of PLC programmable controller, frequency conversion governor, etc., strong control ability, high degree of automation, using special devices, no barrel filling, no matter the mouth of the barrel, to avoid the waste and pollution of materials, so that the electromechanical integration of the machine has been a perfect performance.

During filling, the size and flow rate are filled twice to ensure the canning speed and accuracy. During filling, the filling head is inserted into the mouth of the barrel for filling at the liquid level. The unique fixing method of the filling plug ensures that the detection switch is installed on the cylinder that controls the opening of the filling head, and the gun head is not lifted outside the barrel before the filling head is completely closed to avoid spraying of the material outside the barrel. The filling head is extra designed with the feeding plate. After the filling, the feeding plate sticks out to prevent the dripping liquid from polluting the package and the delivery line body. There are protective doors between automatic cover and filling stations to avoid areas where material spraying may occur. There is a collecting hood at the head of the barrel. And the whole filling process is carried out in a confined space, and the resulting VOC gas is recovered.

The weighing system uses Tore weighing sensor to ensure the filling accuracy while increasing structural and operational stability. In addition, the system has corrosion and overload protection devices. The sensor is IP68 protected and is easy to install, remove and repair. The weighing system controls the accuracy through high precision weighing instrument, and the accuracy of small flow can be fine-tuned.

The filling head is protected by the overload. With the protection of touching the deviation of the barrel mouth, the filling can be continued without affecting the measurement. When the influence value of the measurement exceeds the set value, there will be alarm protection, and the continued filling or manual intervention can be selected.

There are automatic lifting door and VOC exhaust interface between the stations to prevent cross contamination during operation.

The seals of the cutting head are made of polytetrafluoroethylene, and all the cleaning parts of the filling valve are connected by the quick loading tray, which is convenient to open and clean, and all the cleaning work is very simple.

Main technical parameters:

Explosion-proof type: Exd II BT4
Rated score value:  50g(0.05Kg)
Filling range:  100.00∼300.00Kg
Station functions:  open cover, filling (automatic head switch), spin cover and leak detection
Applicable barrel type:  200L steel iron barrel
Fill speed:  approx. 60-80 b / h
Filling accuracy:  ± 0.1% F.S.
Filling type:  filling in the barrel opening
Overflow element material:  SUS304
Power power:  AC380V / 50Hz, three-phase five-wire system; 4kW  
Air source pressure:  0.6 Mpa

Local technical description:

 Automatic control system

The overall pipeline can be composed of multiple PLC systems, and each system can be independently controlled and interlocking. It has the functions of system self-inspection, fault alarm and display of motion state, accuracy, speed, adjustment, accumulated shift production, etc. Each system has its own man-machine interface, and all parameters can be operated on the man-machine interface. Provide a detailed pipeline control process flow chart and logic diagram. And the system can store a variety of specifications, one-button switch, without cumbersome Settings.

Filling system and open spin cap system

Filling head: automatically fill in the barrel mouth during filling, and automatically rise after filling to prevent material splashing. The filling part is provided with a gas hood to collect the volatile gas, and the lower part of the filling nozzle to prevent material leakage.

Open cover, spin cover part: using the company's patented technology, can be smooth, easy to open the cover and spin cover, do not damage the cover, do not hurt the cover, tight cover sealing degree is high.

Leakage measurement: measure the leakage of the cap after the screw cap to determine whether the cap is tightened. Unqualified alarm.

weighing system

Material filling parameter setting and operation through the touch screen operation, simple and intuitive, and with temperature display, fault diagnosis and alarm, prompt function. The touch screen has an internal battery, memory storage program, multiple sets of parameters, and the ability to view historical data. Can automatically calculate the measurement deviation, and can be named for different programs, change different specifications or change the production capacity, only need to adjust different parameters, can improve the work efficiency. The weighing system adopts the famous American brand sensor to ensure the filling accuracy. In addition, the system has the function of oil prevention and protection, and the sensor is convenient to install, remove and repair.

Rotation barrel positioning system

When the bucket enters the filling position, there is a rotating positioning device at the barrel part. Adjust the filling position in advance through the handle. When the barrel is in place, there is a rotating device at the bottom of the barrel mouth to achieve accurate filling.

We look forward to working with you to create a more prosperous future! We will continue to provide high-quality 200L fully automatic filling machines, and continue to optimize and innovate to adapt to changes in market demand. We believe that through mutual cooperation and win-win results, we can achieve greater development and achievements. Let us work together to explore the market, promote the progress and development of the industry, and bring more value and opportunities to customers.

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