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As a supplier, Somtrue has won wide recognition and trust for its high quality Chain plate conveyor and excellent services. Our products are not only favored in the domestic market, but also exported overseas. Through close cooperation with global partners, the company continuously improves the quality and performance of products, and provides customers with reliable and efficient chain plate conveyor solutions.

Chain plate conveyor is a kind of conveyor system with chain as the driving force, which drives a series of chain plates to run synchronously through the rotation of chain, so as to achieve the transmission of materials. Chain generally consists of chain driving wheel, chain driven wheel and chain, which is driven by motor to rotate the chain and drive the belt to move. The materials can be added to the chain plate through the inlet and transferred to the specified position with the movement of the chain plate.

Advantages of chain plate conveying

1. High efficiency and stability: the transmission speed of chain plate conveying system can be adjusted flexibly, which can handle a large amount of materials in a short time. In addition, chain plate conveyor belt has stable transmission performance, which can ensure that the materials do not shift or scatter in the transmission process.

2. Strong adaptability: chain plate conveyor system can be customised according to the actual demand, adapting to a variety of different materials and transmission distance. Whether it is plane transmission or climbing transmission, chain plate conveying can show excellent adaptability.

3. Easy maintenance: chain plate conveying system has simple structure and fewer parts, so it is relatively easy to maintain. In the process of long time use, only need to check the chain and bearings and other key parts regularly to ensure the normal operation of the system.

4. Safe and reliable: chain plate conveyor system has perfect safety protection devices, such as emergency stop, overload protection, etc., which can take measures quickly in case of abnormal situation and effectively protect the safety of operators and equipment.

5. Energy-saving and environmental protection: the chain plate conveyor system is driven by electric energy, with low energy consumption and no exhaust gas and noise pollution, which is in line with the green concept of today's society.

Application Scenario of Chain Plate Conveyor

1. Manufacturing: In manufacturing industry, chain plate conveyor is widely used for material transfer in production line. Through the chain plate conveying system, it can realise the automation and intelligence of the production process, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost.

2. Logistics industry: chain plate conveyor is widely used in logistics industry, such as express delivery, e-commerce warehousing and so on. Through the chain conveyor system, it can realise the rapid sorting and collecting of goods and improve the efficiency of logistics.

3. Food processing industry: In food processing industry, chain plate conveyor is often used in the transmission of raw materials, cooling and packaging of processed products. Through the chain plate conveyor system, it can ensure the hygiene and safety in the process of food processing, and at the same time, improve the production efficiency.

4. Other industries: besides the above industries, chain plate conveyor is also widely used in energy, minerals, chemical industry and so on, which has become an important force to promote the development of each industry.

Equipment maintenance instructions:

The warranty period begins one year after the equipment enters the factory (buyer), commissioning is completed and the receipt is signed. Replacement and repair of parts at cost for more than one year (subject to buyer's consent)

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350mm Chain Plate Conveyor

350mm Chain Plate Conveyor

Somtrue is a leading manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of 350mm chain plate conveyor systems. As a manufacturer, we focus on product quality and innovation, and constantly optimize the manufacturing process to ensure that the 350mm chain plate conveyor system can meet the needs of customers in material handling.

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250mm Chain Plate Conveyor

250mm Chain Plate Conveyor

Somtrue is a well-known manufacturer with excellent strength and reputation in the field of 250mm chain plate conveyor. The equipment adopts advanced manufacturing process and high-quality materials to ensure the stable operation and long-term durability of the equipment. Whether in heavy industry or light industry, 250mm chain plate conveyor systems are capable of handling a variety of material tasks.

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150mm Chain Plate Conveyor

150mm Chain Plate Conveyor

As a leading manufacturer focusing on 150mm Chain Plate Conveyor, Somtrue is committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable conveying solutions. Our 150mm chain plate conveyor system, with high quality chain and plate conveyor belts, can meet the needs of small and medium-sized materials and play an important role in industrial production lines and warehousing logistics systems. Our professional team can provide customized chain plate conveyor solutions according to the specific needs of customers, ensuring that the system can be operated efficiently and safely. This system can help manufacturers improve material handling efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure continuous production line operation.

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In China, Somtrue Automation factory specializes in Chain Plate Conveyor. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide price list if you want. You can purchase our advanced and customized Chain Plate Conveyor from our factory. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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