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As an excellent supplier, Somtrue has rich experience and excellent technical strength in the field of chain conveyor, providing customers with reliable and efficient chain conveyor and solutions to help them realize the optimization and sustainable development of the production process. It has been awarded with the National High-Tech Enterprise Award, and its total weighing device production capacity ranges from 0.01g to 200t. Its quality assurance system holds an ISO9001 accreditation.

Chain conveying is mainly composed of chain, sprocket, traction piece and support device. Its operation principle is to use the meshing transmission between chain and sprocket to drive the traction piece to move on the track, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying goods. Specifically, the working flow of chain conveying is as follows:

1. the power source drives the sprocket wheel to rotate, so that the chain and the sprocket wheel form a meshing transmission.

2. the chain drives the traction piece to move on the track, and the traction piece is connected with the articles, so as to realise the conveying of the articles.

3. the support device ensures the stable running of the traction piece on the track, avoiding the articles from shaking or tilting in the conveying process.

Advantages of chain conveyor

1. High efficiency: Chain conveyor has high transmission efficiency and can complete the task of conveying a large number of goods in a short time.

2. Good stability: chain conveyor has simple structure and stable operation, which can ensure the safety of goods in the conveying process.

3. Flexibility: Chain conveyor can be customised according to the actual demand, adapting to different shapes and sizes of goods with high flexibility.

4. Convenient maintenance: the parts and components of chain conveyors are easy to replace and maintain, which can reduce the cost and difficulty of maintenance.

Application scope of chain conveyor:

1. manufacturing industry: in manufacturing industry, chain conveyor is commonly used for material transport in production line, such as automobile manufacturing, electronic product assembly, etc.

2. logistics industry: in the field of logistics, chain conveyor is one of the core equipments in automated warehouse and sorting centre, which can efficiently complete the task of transporting and sorting goods.

3. catering industry: in the catering industry, chain conveyor is used in automated restaurant back kitchen distribution, which can quickly transport the ingredients from the storage room to the cooking area.

4. Medical: In hospitals, chain conveyors are used to transport medicines and medical devices, which can improve the efficiency of medical work and reduce the risk of cross-infection.

5. Agriculture: In agriculture, chain conveyors are used in automated planting and harvesting to efficiently transport crops from the farm to the warehouse or processing site.

6. Public places: In public places such as airports and railway stations, chain conveyors are used for baggage transport and passenger self-service facilities, which can improve transport efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

7. Environmental protection field: In the field of rubbish disposal and resource recycling, chain conveyor is used for transporting rubbish and waste articles, which can achieve efficient and environmental friendly resource recycling and reuse.

8. Other fields: besides the above fields, chain conveyor is also widely used in material transport and process handling in construction, chemical industry, energy industry and so on.

Equipment maintenance instructions:

The warranty period begins one year after the equipment enters the factory (buyer), commissioning is completed and the receipt is signed. Replacement and repair of parts at cost for more than one year (subject to buyer's consent)

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Triple Chain Conveyor

Triple Chain Conveyor

Somtrue is a well-known manufacturer focusing on the development and production of material handling systems, like triple chain conveyor. As an industry leader, they are constantly exploring new technologies and methods to provide high quality, efficient solutions to meet customer needs. Among them, the triple chain conveyor is an important product of Somtrue, which can realize the rapid and stable conveying of materials. Our professional team will be customized according to customer needs, to provide manufacturers with the best material handling solutions.

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Double Chain Conveyor

Double Chain Conveyor

Somtrue is a well-known Double Chain Conveyor manufacturer, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of conveying systems. As a leader in the industry, Somtrue has won a good reputation in the market for its excellent technology and innovative solutions. The double chain conveyor realizes the efficient transfer of materials or goods through two chains running in parallel. With high-strength chain and advanced transmission, it is able to carry heavy materials and maintain stable operation. Whether in industrial production lines or warehouse logistics systems, double chain conveyor systems demonstrate excellent performance and reliability.

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In China, Somtrue Automation factory specializes in Chain Conveyor. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide price list if you want. You can purchase our advanced and customized Chain Conveyor from our factory. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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