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Stacker Machine

Somtrue is a well-known manufacturer, focusing on the supply of high quality stacker machines. As one of the industry leaders, Somtrue is known for its excellent technology and reliable products. The company is committed to providing advanced stack solutions to meet customers' needs for automated logistics and warehousing systems. By introducing advanced technologies and processes, our equipment is at the forefront of the industry in terms of performance and reliability.

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Product Description

Stacker Machine

(The appearance of the equipment will vary according to the customized function or technical upgrade, subject to the physical object.)

As a manufacturer of stacker machines, Somtrue is committed to providing customers with comprehensive products and services. The company has a professional pre-sales consulting team, which can carry out comprehensive demand analysis and program design according to the needs of customers. After product delivery, we also provide perfect after-sales service and technical support, including equipment installation and commissioning, training guidance and regular maintenance. Through close cooperation with customers, we constantly optimize stacker machine solutions, create greater value for customers, help customers improve logistics efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable development.

stacker machine plays an important role in supply chain management. Its efficient handling capacity and intelligent control system make the storage and sorting of goods faster and more accurate. The stacker machine can not only improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics, but also reduce labor costs and operational errors. We are committed to providing our customers with advanced stack technology and solutions to help them improve operational efficiency and achieve sustainable development.

Stacker Machine overview:

The device coordinates the two groups of pneumatic devices in the tray bin to realize the accurate release of the empty tray, and delivers the empty tray to the palletizing position in time, accurately and smoothly through the chain and roller conveyor. The pallet storage can accommodate more than 10 trays. When the remaining empty tray is insufficient, the system will send the signal to supplement the tray until it stops. The collision steel plate is used before the heavy roller conveyor (starter); the baffle around the tray is adjustable and suitable for different sizes.

Main technical parameters:

Overall size (length * width * height) mm:  2400 * 1800 * 2200
Stack plate specification (length * width * height) mm:  1200 * 1200 * 150 (different specifications are adjustable)
Production capacity:  120 hours / hour
Power supply:  380V / 50Hz; 1KW
Air source pressure:  0.6MPa

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