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20-50L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine
  • 20-50L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine20-50L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

20-50L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

Somtrue is a professional manufacturer of 20-50L semi-automatic filling machine, committed to providing customers with high quality and efficient filling solutions. We have rich experience and technical strength in this field, and are committed to providing customers with high quality, reliability and efficiency of the filling machine equipment. The company not only focuses on the quality and performance of products, but also focuses on communication and cooperation with customers to meet their specific needs.

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Product Description

20-50L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

(The appearance of the equipment will vary according to the customized function or technical upgrade, subject to the physical object.)

As a manufacturer, Somtrue not only provides high quality 20-50L semi-automatic filling machines, but also focuses on providing customers with perfect after-sales service to ensure that customers can get the best use experience. Whether in the domestic market or the international market, Shangchun company has won wide recognition and trust for its reliability and professionalism.

20-50L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine overview:

The 20-50L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine is a single station weighing table, and the head of the gun is filled to avoid splashing during filling.

Filling head filling time, size and flow, time-sharing filling, to ensure the filling speed and accuracy. The filling head is designed with a feeding plate. After filling, the feeding plate sticks out to prevent the filling head from liquid dripping from polluting the packaging and delivery line body.

Process flow: the large flow rate filling begins after the automatic delivery of empty barrels. When the filling volume reaches the target amount of crude irrigation, the large flow rate is closed and the small flow rate filling is started. After the precision irrigation target value is reached, the valve body is closed in time.

When filling, the filling speed is automatically adjusted for different material pressures. The weighing system adopts high precision weighing instrument and toldo weighing sensor to ensure the filling accuracy. In addition, the system has anti-corrosion and anti-overload protection devices. The sensor is IP68 protection and meet the explosion-proof requirements, the sensor installation, disassembly and maintenance is convenient. The weighing system controls the accuracy through the high precision weighing instrument, and the accuracy of small flow can be fine-tuned.

The filling valve, filling pipe cleaning part can be disassembled, simple and convenient.

Main technical parameter

Filling range:  20.00∼50.00Kg
Filling head:  1
Filling speed:  120 b / h (30L; customer material viscosity and approach)
Filling accuracy:  ± 20g
Filling form:  fill on the liquid surface of the barrel mouth
Main body material:  304 stainless steel
Material contact material:  304 lined tetrafluoride
seal components: PTFE
Applicable barrel type:  20-50L barrel
Power supply:  220V / 50Hz; 1KW
Gas source pressure: 0

The company to the needs of customers, the call of the market as the starting point, people-oriented, committed to continuous efforts and research and development, the design and manufacturing of electronic weighing device products have reached more than a dozen series, hundreds of varieties. We have dozens of patents on scales, commercial scales, platform scales, packaging scales, automotive scales, filling scales, lifting scales, instruments, industrial control equipment, systems and other products. From competitive pricing to swift service and response, from constantly innovative appearance to lean quality, from brand to scale, from development ability to manufacturing means... we have established competitive strength that our peers are hard to imitate. In 2019, the company moved to the new site of Wujin High-tech Zone,Somtrue with its convincing quality for China weighing instrument products occupy a place!

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