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1-20L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine
  • 1-20L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine1-20L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

1-20L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

As an excellent supplier, Somtrue focuses on providing high-quality 1-20L semi-automatic filling machines and related equipment, and tailor-made solutions for customers that best suit their production needs. The company has advanced production technology and rich industry experience, can provide customers with stable and reliable filling machine equipment, and is committed to continuous innovation to meet the changing needs of the market. Shangchun suppliers always put product quality in the first place, through strict quality control and high-quality after-sales service, won the trust and praise of customers.

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Product Description

1-20L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

(The appearance of the equipment will vary according to the customized function or technical upgrade, subject to the physical object.)

Somtrue is a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality 1-20L semi-automatic filling machines. With its excellent technical strength and rich experience, the company enjoys a high reputation in the filling machine industry. Our products use advanced technology to ensure the efficiency and stability of the production process, while also focusing on product reliability and safety.

1-20L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine overview:

The 1-20L Semi-Automatic Filling Machine is a single station weighing table, and the head of the gun is filled to avoid splashing during filling.

Filling head filling time, size and flow, time-sharing filling, to ensure the filling speed and accuracy. The filling head is designed with a feeding plate. After filling, the feeding plate sticks out to prevent the filling head from liquid dripping from polluting the packaging and delivery line body.

Process flow: the large flow filling begins after the manual empty bucket is in place. When the filling volume reaches the target amount of crude irrigation, the large flow rate is closed and the small flow filling is started. After the target value of precision irrigation is reached, the valve body is closed in time.

When filling, the filling speed is automatically adjusted for different material pressures. The weighing system adopts high precision weighing sensor to ensure the filling accuracy, in addition, the system has corrosion and overload protection device. Easy sensor installation, removal and maintenance. The filling valve, filling pipe cleaning part can be disassembled, simple and convenient.

Technical parameter:

Filling range:  5.00∼30.00Kg
Filling form:  fill on the liquid surface of the barrel mouth
Filling station:  single work station;
Filling speed:  120 b / h (20L; according on specific characteristics and pressure)
Function description:  dripping tray at the head; connecting tray at the bottom of filling machine to prevent overflow;
Filling error:  ±0.1%F.S;
Applicable barrel type:  20L barrel;
Material contact material:  316 stainless steel;
Main body material:  304 stainless steel;
Seal gasket material:  PTFE;
Material interface standard:  customer-provided;
Head size:  DN40 (matching according to the material interface size provided by the customer);
Instrument air interface standard:  G1 " internal threaded manual ball valve for quick joint connection;
Power supply power:  AC220V/50Hz;0.5kW
Gas supply source:  0.6MPa;
Temperature range of the working environment:  -10℃ ~ + 40℃;

We cooperate extensively with domestic and foreign enterprises to explore market opportunities and improve the quality of products and services. Through cooperation, Somtrue can make full use of the resources and advantages of all parties, realize resource sharing, risk sharing, and jointly create a better future. We look forward to working with you to provide you with the highest quality products and full support. Let's work together for a better future!

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