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Fully Automatic Disc Top Winding Film Machine
  • Fully Automatic Disc Top Winding Film MachineFully Automatic Disc Top Winding Film Machine

Fully Automatic Disc Top Winding Film Machine

As a well-known manufacturer of intelligent filling equipment, Somtrue focuses on the development and production of fully automatic disc top winding film machine and other equipment. With its rich manufacturing experience and advanced technical strength, the company has made remarkable achievements in this field. The product is known for its high efficiency, stability and intelligent operation, and has been favored by many customers. The company has a professional team, constantly carry out technological innovation to meet customers' needs for efficient and intelligent manufacturing equipment. With its excellent quality and reliable product performance, Somtrue has won wide praise both inside and outside the industry.

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Product Description

Fully Automatic Disc Top Winding Film Machine

(The appearance of the equipment will vary according to the customized function or technical upgrade, subject to the physical object.)

As a manufacturer of fully automatic disc top winding film machine, Somtrue continuously optimizes product design and manufacturing process, and is committed to providing customers with high quality and reliable equipment. The equipment is widely used in many industries, such as food, medicine, chemical and other fields. The high efficiency and intelligent characteristics of the equipment have brought significant improvement in production efficiency and effective cost control to customers. We can customize equipment according to customer needs, and achieve automated and intelligent production processes for customers, which has promoted the development and progress of the entire industry.

Fully Automatic Disc Top Winding Film Machine overview:

Fully automatic disc top winding film machine is mainly suitable for modern enterprises with large production and high automation. According to the actual requirements of different products and sites, different packaging systems can be customized to automatically complete the whole process of sensing, coating, pairing and transportation of goods, etc. The conveying mechanism adopts roller, chain and other methods. The automatic membrane breaking mechanism can realize unmanned operation. Equipment pre-stretched film frame, tension adjustable; automatic upper film, broken film, touch mechanism, thermal fuse film. The equipment is composed of disk winding case packing machine, main frame support, power conveying line, automatic membrane breaking mechanism and control system. Widely used in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, beverage, chemical industry and other industries.

This machine through the top film working station automatic tray film, disc automatic winding, can set the height of the film, layer number, tensile, to ensure that the palletizing product film tight and safe;

Applicable to the market general tensile film size specifications, simple replacement;

Relevant parameters can be set in the field machine or the centralized control system; the winding specification, the lifting speed and the tightness degree can be adjusted at any time, convenient and quick;

The whole material of the wrapping machine is carbon steel spray plastic

Automatic induction of cargo height; multi-functional, suitable for single or multiple cylindrical combination packaging requirements and general packaging;

Touch type control panel, fool type and intelligent control design, easy to operate;

Slow start, slow stop, stop at a fixed point;

When the packaging is finished, the film is automatically broken without cutting knife; easy replacement of parts and low faults; self-protected switch device and emergency safety stop device.

Main technical parameters:

Explosion-proof type: Exd ii BT4
Load: 2000kg (max)
Turntable size mm:  φ2000 * H500
Packaging efficiency:  about 30 supports / hour
Wheel speed:  0-12 rpm
Membrane frame type:  pre-tensile ratio 250%, tension adjustable
Applicable film thickness: t hickness 15~20um, outer diameter 桅250mm, width 500mm, inner core 桅 76mm.
Disk and film breaking mode:  winding machine hot fuse film
Apical film fracture mode:  mechanical film fracture
Top film lifting device:  0-1800mm adjustable (electric lifting, chain drive)
Power supply:  AC380V/50Hz;3.8kW
Air source pressure:  0.6MPa

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