Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine
  • Automatic Horizontal Strapping MachineAutomatic Horizontal Strapping Machine

Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine

Somtrue is a well-known manufacturer, focusing on the field of automation equipment. Among them, the automatic horizontal strapping machine is one of the important products of the company. As an efficient and intelligent device, the automatic horizontal strapping machine uses advanced control systems and innovative technology to achieve fast and accurate strapping operations. The machine has a strong adaptive ability, can adapt to different specifications and shapes of items for bundling, improve production efficiency and ensure the quality of bundling. Improve production efficiency while reducing labor costs.

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Product Description

Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine

(The appearance of the equipment will vary according to the customized function or technical upgrade, subject to the physical object.)

Somtrue is a well-known manufacturer, focusing on the production of high quality equipment. Somtrue automatic horizontal strapping machine has a number of advantages. First, it uses advanced sensors and control systems to enable precise bundling operations, ensuring the stability and safety of each bundle. Secondly, the machine has the function of fast bundling, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Through close cooperation with customers, we continue to promote the development of automatic horizontal strapping machine, providing the industry with advanced solutions to help customers improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine overview:

The automatic horizontal strapping machine is a horizontal packing machine of the packaging stacked on the plank, which can effectively prevent the scattering and loss of the packaging in the process of movement and transportation.

The bow frame and perm parts can be moved up, down, front, back, and tightly packed. And the automatic arrow-piercing baler matching the use effect is better, the stack plate full of products can realize the unmanned bundle production line through the conveying drum line.

Different packaging systems can be customized according to different products and actual requirements, widely used in petrochemical, food, beverage, chemical and other industries.

Main technical parameters:

The overall size (length * width * height) mm can be customized as required

Packaging efficiency is 20~25 bracket / hour

Packing speed of 40 seconds / channel

Tie form level 1~ multichannel, the way a bit dynamic, foot switch suitable for belt thickness (0.55~1.2) mm * width (9~15) mm power 380V / 50Hz; 3KW

Gas source pressure is 0.4~0.6 MPa

As a people-oriented enterprise, Somtrue Intelligent has always adhered to the concept of "achieving others, achieving users externally, and achieving employees internally". We know our mission is to make the world weigh without error, so we continue to develop and innovate, working hand in hand with our customers. At the same time, we also pay attention to the growth and development of employees, to provide them with a good working environment and development opportunities. We firmly believe that only when employees get achievements, we can better serve users and contribute to the development of the national automation equipment industry.

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