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Work video explanation of 25L dual station automatic filling production line


25L double station automatic filling production line

Filling station: double station;

Function description: There is a drip tray at the gun head; a liquid collecting tray is installed at the bottom of the filling machine to prevent overflow;

Production capacity: about 240-260 barrels/hour

Filling error: ≤±0.1%F.S;

Graduation value: 5g;

Current material: 304 stainless steel;

Main material: carbon steel spray-coated;

Sealing gasket material: polytetrafluoroethylene;

Material interface standard: provided by the customer;

Power supply: AC380V/50Hz; 3.5kW

Air source required: 0.6MPa;

Working environment temperature range: -10℃~+40℃;

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